Why and How to Open Link in New Window

Opening links in new windows or new tabs have both their goods and bads. Once you decide whether you want the link to open in anew window or the same window, you can disable/enable the option "open in new window" on the html link generator.

When links should not be opened in new window

If your site has very few pages and it's very clear for the visitor how to go back to the previous page (or pages), you do not need your link to open another window. Visitors nay get annoyed with dozens of opened tabs and windows. And popup Ads are so abundant that there is every chance that your visitor minimizes or closes the new window while assuming the new content would open in the current window.

When a new window is needed

Opening links on new window are beneficial, sometimes. Definitely, you want visitors to stay on your site and browse li'l more. That's why you wanted links to open new window. But believe me, managing multiple browser windows can become too bad a hassle sometimes. Let the visitor choose if she/he needs the new page to open in a new window. Give an optional "open in a new window" link or icon.

However, opening in new window is a must when:
  • The new window is designed to display some help about the current window.
  • Opening new page on same window would affect current transaction.
  • There are a lot of interesting links that visitors would be interested to browse.

Now decide for yourself! The html link generator on home page will, by default, create links that open in new window. Feel free to untick that option, if you need to.

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